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Grace Cushner

Director and Writer

Grace Cushner is the director of Warmth. She also is the writer!  Grace studies Film and Video at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.  Grace is from Washington D.C and loves traveling. This film is outside of her normal genre but hopes this new experience will make her a stronger artist and filmmaker.





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Adia Stark

Director of Photography

Adia Stark is the Director of Photography. She is a multi-disciplinary artist and filmmaker based in Boston, MA. She grew up in Fairfield, CT before moving to Boston to attend Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where she studies Cinematography and Film/Video Production. She has done work in event videography, photo retouching, and freelance film/video; but her biggest interest lies in narrative filmmaking.

Instagram: @adiastark 

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Megan DiTullio

1st Assistant Director and Script Supervisor 

Megan DiTullio is the Assistant Director and Script Supervisor. She is studying Animation at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design but also enjoys working on film, sculpture, and illustrations. Her work is often playful and pensive. She is excited to add her creative input on Warmth and finds the themes of coping with loss and getting closure very relatable and inspiring.

Instagram:  @artbymegd 


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Sophie Olsson

Production Sound Mixer

Sophie Olsson is the Production Sound Mixer. Sophie is a Sophomore studying Film and Video at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Sohpie is passionate about travel, exploration and collaboration. 

Instagram: @sophie.olsson

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Lisa Lam

Art Director and Line Producer

Lisa Lam is an Asian American storyteller and filmmaker in Boston. She is the art director and line producer of Warmth. She is currently studying animation at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She has a focus on visual storytelling through music and dance. She is excited to bring her unique style and skills to Warmth.

Instagram: @lisathevoyager      


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Brenna Arnold

Associate Graphic Design Producer 

Brenna Arnold is the Associate & Assistant Producer for the film Warmth. Brenna is using her design skills she’s acquired from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in the Communication Design department to convey the film’s voice and brand.



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Alex Spiers


Alex is a film and game composer from Chicago, Il. He is currently finishing his Master’s Degree in Music Composition for Film from Berklee College of Music. Alex is originally from Louisiana and is a lover of all things cajun and spicy! When he is not playing or writing music, he loves to travel with his wife and dog, play video games, and eat or cook delicious food. 


Instagram: @alexspiersmusic 


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